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For the new watchers, Monie is my first original character. She was made in March of 2006. As for the actual, day, I'm unsure, her original drawing is gone due to my dad accidentally spilling soda on it. This year, she turns 9. So much closer to that coveted 10~

The month long celebration will run the same as last year. A lot of my deviations will center around Monifa, and there may even be a new chapter of her story Desherkem up and about soon. I hope not to make that one a habit and write a chapter a year. I've just been busy with Wicked Toys.

Want to celebrate the month with me? Make some fabulous Monie art then~! I'd appreciate it.

Hopefully when July rolls around her brother, my second OC, Toren, won't be left in the dark and will have his month of celebration. I couldn't last year with the move and stress.

I also may do a St.Patrick's Day piece. Not sure yet.

Happy March, loves~

Also, I was tagged. By iZambie
Been ages! Should do the one Bootsii tagged me in, but that one is ink...

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 question asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal  
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people (Some people don't read my journals ;w; )
6. No tag backs
7. You can't say that you don't do tags.  
8. You must make a journal entry

Ten facts? Uh, used to just be five, but okay.

1 I love the color blue. It's like my main color scheme to everything. If I don't have it, then there's something up.

2 Spiders freak me out.

3 My characters talk to me. In my head. Sometimes they bicker.

4 I don't understand kids these days.

5 I have a soft spot, arguably soft by act of decay, for the zombie variety of movies.

6 When in general conversation with my peeps, and if our peepage is enough for me to be comfortable with you, I pronounce yesterday as "yesta-dee".

7 I put garlic in just about EVERYTHING none dessert related.

8 Sometimes I organize my clothes by color.

9 I have a masochistic relationship with hot sauce. Burn me once and take my breath? Yeah, I'm still gonna stuff you in my face...

10 I still sing along to Barbie Girl and have just now realized that Aqua says "bimbo" in the song.

iZambie's questions for me~

1. Do you like Pie or Cake
Do I like pie or cake? How about morphing them together into the super dessert of legend! Cake-pie! No, I prefer cake. Pie often involves use of utensils and some days I just wanna stuff cake in my mouth.

2. If you tye dye a t-shirt what three colors do you prefer?
Well, the one I have on is from 12th grade and it has more orange blue, and green in it than anything, so apparently those?

3. What is your favorite horror movie monster, if so explain?
*laughs* I just said this one. But zombies. Dunno, I used to like vamps, but then a certain movie came out, and I jumped ship. Nothing beats zombies feastin' on some flesh.

4. If you had wings and you can go anywhere, where would you go?
Probably to learn to fly properly. Then to the highest place in town. To squawk "I am the queen of all the shinies!"

5. If you had 1.5 million US dollars, what would you do with it?
Ensure it wasn't stolen.

6. What is your favorite author?
Uhg, I have several. I like Poe. I like jacquelyn Frank. I like Gena Showalter. Lots. I love to read.

7. What is your favorite wild animal?
Foxes~ They're so cute~ Ahmergerd

8. Weird question ahead! If you have the power to bring any of your artwork to life, who would it be and what would you two (or more) do?
That would be a dangerous thing given some of my babies. Buuut, the least dangerous would probably have to be Lalith. He's chill and likes to nap. We'd probably just nap or he'd put on a shadow puppet play with his shadow.

9. What do you prefer, tea or coffee?
Green tea and caramel mochas.

10. What is your favorite television series?
Currently? I'm pretty fond of Dexter still, giving thought to rewatching. House, and Steven Universe.

Now my questions!

1 Favorite holiday?
2 If you were a candy, what candy would yo be?
3 Everybody! Bust a move! What's your favorite dance?
4 The world has ended. What's your role in the zombie apocalypse?
5 Hoo boy, that last move didn't go so hot and you're trapped in some sort of wicked trap. What body part got caught?
6 By some random glitch in the machine, you are now king/queen of Earth. Firs act of terestrial conquest-y bidness?
7 Suddenly you encounter a wild, beraggled Irishman with tufts of crimson curly hair. He's in need of some assistance. What do?
8 Not a question, but draw your expression in the dA muro thingy while taking this questionare. It will amuse me.
9 Crap! Mutant rabbits have taken over the world? What do we do now, Earth King/Queen?
10 And now all is right amongst the realms. Peace has been restored. You're bored. What do you do to celebrate now, Galactic Ruler of All You See?

And I tag:


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I am an amateur author and an even more mediocre artist.

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