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Wicked Toys that is.

Yes, seems I may end up continuing the theme of celebrating the birth of certain characters on their months.

This month is the near entire cast of Wicked Toys, my story about six youths turned undead monsters by an evil doctor and power hungry reaper while an unwitting dream eater only tries to help.

Now, all of the original main cast was made in September, specifically the 28th and 29th. This includes Katrina, Mono, Chrysanthemum, Crimson, and Barbata as well as Dr. Ezra Sparrow. Phobia was not made until a month later, Reicher and Scynthia weren't made until about last year or the year before, but they're included in this celebration as well as many of the minor characters.

Now, WT was a story I started with my old dA partner Kagome. It dealt with my dolls and her puppets. I won't dwell on that anymore than what I just said, as I'll go into the very newest rewrites of what has become entirely, my baby.

Wicked Toys deals with a young woman named Katrina Sparrow. She is the daughter of a well-known surgeon and the city's top prosecutor. Though her parents seem perfect, they are far from it as they are very distant and neglectful to their daughter. The neglect was made worse with the loss of her older brother, Alec. Though there is one person who dotes on the child, and that is her grandmother.
With the death of her nana, Katrina is at a loss for her mother's attention. Her mother tries, but is unable to pull herself from her job. An argument breaks out amongst hem, and the last words shared between mother and daughter are Katrina screaming hos she hated her mother.
With Robin Sparrow's death, came a young baku named Reicher who had been haunting her dreams for many years. They were close in her subconscious, and she asked him to watch over her daughter. He obliged, plucking memories from Robin's mind to give to Katrina later on.

With her mother's death, Katrina fractured, creating a false self to deal with her pain. At first this was heaven, but soon, she was unable to escape. Years rolled by, and she watched as the fake part of her took over her life, ignoring a serious helath condition as it manifested.
Reicher appeared at the end, discovering the truth and setting out to free the real Katrina. To do this, he had to convince a reaper named Scynthia to help him. She baetrayed him, going to Dr. Sparrow to convince him that she could give him what he had truly wanted. Power. All he had to do was sacrifice his daughter...

Through the torment, the pain, Katrina is turned into a monster that is very close to immortal. She is trapped, abused worse by her father, and driven mad by the voices in her head. Reicher is close to powerless to help as the "Good" Doctor creates more things called dolls.

Mono was created second after Reicher tried to free Katrina. He took her to meet his twin, Reve, only to have that backfire. In her fear, she fled and was attacked by a stranger. While blowing off his own steam, Mono hears her cries. Arguing with himself, he called the police only to hear the man scream then silence. Going against his better judgement, he went to investigate. It was the last, living act he ever made.

Chrysanthemum was stolen by the doctor from a seminar. She is a witch and a brilliant girl that he wanted for an assistant in his cruelty. Scynthia fought with her after having an old blood feud with her great-great grandfather.

Crimson was a lucky break. He came to the hospital nearly dead from a traffic accident, and the doctor felt if he could save him, he could have some muscle to protect his investments.

Barbata was the most depressing as he was only six. The doctor found him on Halloween when he visited a relative. He kidnapped him, tormented him, transformed him into his new son.

and last is Phobia. He was Mono's older brother who had cursed himself when alive with a wendigo. He died, but through Ezra's evil, he forced Chrys to reanimate him. It was a terrible mistake.

And now, the month of celebration! It goes as the other months and can be celebrated as it is.

This is some of my work with them.
Wicked Toys by MissMonie

Mature Content

Succubus by MissMonie
 Sleeping With The Fishies by MissMonie (Karui and Kurai belong to Kuro) 

Mature Content

Happy St. Patrick's Day by MissMonie
 Crack Chem/Creative Writing Doodles by MissMonie 

Some art made by others of the dolls and other characters. Some of this is NSFW, so do view at your own discretion.

Mature Content

Art Trade- MissMonie by Tigerfestivals
This is one of Chrys with plushies of her shark boyfriends, Karui and Kurai.

Mature Content

Katrina and Chrys by Issentlov
this is some crack. Katrina will sleep with other women, but never Chrys.

Mature Content

Special Guest by theFloppyBunny
over the eyars, Ildi has done some pretty wonderful art of the dolls for me. I really need to repay her for all of this.

Mature Content

Ignatius n Mono by theFloppyBunny

Rough paint by Kurotorasempai :iconkurotorasempai: 's OC Mai trying to convince Tony, Crimson's brother-in-law, to do something "questionable". I can stop it by Kurotorasempai this is by far one of my favorites. It depicts Reicher trying to convince Katrina to let him help her, to let him stop it. Human with a Serpent by Kurotorasempai That's Crimson's silhouette! With a sexy, pole-dancing snake man! Pairings by Kurotorasempai Mono is the dark haired one. This was some lovely crack once.

Mature Content

Rough paint 3 by Kurotorasempai
RPs can get really weird with us, but this and the above Tony and Mai launched a ship that is a very strong one.  Bean si hunt 1"You slept with a banshee."
It was half past midnight. Mai squeezed the bridge of his nose and tried to think happy thoughts.
"Bean si. She was very specific about that part."
"You slept with a banshee, Rello."
"… yes."
There was silence for a few moments, before their third member (Alichino) interjected, "… how?"
Farfarello blinked. "I wasn't aware that it was considered such a deadly and impossible feat."
"You saw a sweet ass and seduced it," Canazzo translated from the door way, carrying a tray of poisons. "Why does this surprise either of you dolts? He's got sex on the brain."
"And everything else…" Alichino grimaced and scooted away, tugging his hair out of Farfarello's reach when he whined and made to touch it. "No! Your hands, your hand… I don't even want to think of where they've been."
"On a rotting, horrifying ghost woman." Mai groaned helpfully. Ali squeaked and considered scaling the curtains to escape.
"… right. Well, anyway, aside from you bragging (and you really
This wonderful story sparked a rewrite of an abandoned project. It has another sequel, a third somewhere, and hopefully more one day. Bean si hunt 2Mai stayed locked in his own head the rest of the morning, running over probabilities and plans.
The owner of the shop had to go deal with the arrest – apparently he was the guy’s uncle – and the rest of the mechanics were rather uneasy, an unusual thing when you considered that typically, workers would back one of their own in a dispute. He was left alone and found himself pondering the reasons, and as with most who had too much time on their hands, he enjoyed to spend it in his own head, playing madness on loop.
Since Liam was working on Wildrider still…
The ponderings were given life to flourish. Humans in a group tended to defend the members of the group when they felt that it was coming under attack – self-interest generating that you help others in order to protect your own position, or so his theory went. That delved into what ‘groups’ could be defined as, though, and how that illusion could ruin one, but he’d return to that on a

For once Lamont didn't go out by RaiseTheSail RaiseTheSail is probably the number one fan of Wicked Toys. Katrina's first love interest is her saucy, French demon Calypse. And Crimson dates her elf, Talon while silently hating her other demon, Lamont, as he steals the love of Mono. Not that he'd have ever gotten it. Ace and Chrys Doodle by RaiseTheSail and Chrys loves Ace like her second son. Alita and Chrys by RaiseTheSail even more Chrys! Crimson too by RaiseTheSail  Cutie Patootie by RaiseTheSail Pretty sure he couldn't walk if he lost that thick mass of hair. Ace and Chrys WIP by RaiseTheSail This is probably my favorite Chrys and Ace. You can't EVER leave doodle by RaiseTheSail Though this one's pretty great, too. Mono and his cat, Doorknob. Mono and Doorknob by RaiseTheSail

Mini Contest Decided by Cookie-Splinters The only part Katrina liked about her fake was she dreamed to be a gymnast.

Mature Content

Monie Trade by Cookie-Splinters
Once upon a time, she used to use a whip. Now it's more guns, bare hands, and a stiletto kept in her boot.

Don't Make Me Kill You by Bootsii Based off of a story I did for Bootsi.

The Perfect DollGenre: Sci-Fi, fantasy, psychological, romance, drama, m/m
This was written for a Secret Santa exchange.
             The wide canvas remains untouched; it has remained so for the past three weeks. The fibre of the thick paper itself has become an engrossing maze of discoloured threads to the artist himself who glares at the paper, daring it to make the first move. The young man chalks up his artistic inactivity to social calls and a busy business in the garage. When he finally does get a moment of respite between changing oils and meeting up with friends, he finds himself staring at the white rectangle and imagining a thousand things that could be done instead at this very moment. But today he is determined that he will bend the canvas to his will, like the Pre-Raphaelite geezers of old. They don’t have anything on him. But first, he should prime the canvas with acrylic gesso which would make the paint adhere more easily. Priming is important. After paint
A story with Crimson that's horrible sad.

gfy3:Lamont and Monie: snuggle couch by mothepro
A Walk in the Park          I think we should meet– she read the words again. Her fingertips gracefully danced along the countertop, considering. At the park. Nice and public. And wear those sexy little stilettos. She had no idea why she was remotely interested, but spark of heat played in her eyes. Jinx meowed from the corner, and Katrina reached down to scratch beyond his ears. Her lips upturned in a small little smirk.
          "Well I guess it wouldn't hurt to meet him. Much." She grinned as she stood.
She flung the jacket along her delicately creamy shoulders, and Katrina felt a wave of excitement. She couldn't recall the last time she such excitement filled her veins at a prospective date. But the thrill of adrenaline still coursed through her body, tasting of elegant danger. In some small corner of her psyche, she desperately hoped to get pinned once more by silver eyes.
one of my most favorite pieces.
Request By KagomeandMonieHis senses were drawn to the woman; her scent was that of a "flower" which the doll had to have. He watched her with one of his turquoise eyes; she danced between the usual creeps, teasing and flirting with them, her white dress flowing like the water with her body. He couldn't see why she had the scent; she acted the opposite of most "flowers" but he didn't care. After she left the club and he followed, watching his soon to be "flower" walk down the streets without a total care, or without giving a shit. The woman's scent soon got over powering as he waited for her to walk down an ally, to push her against the wall and slam her head against it with a thump, knocking her out cold. He picked her up feeling her cold skin against his own but he ignored it and carried her back to his motel room, then laid her on the bed.
He threw his hoodie in the corner of the room, and just looked at her while breathing her scent just to make sure, but there was no doubt she was a flower. He stroked her

And that is all that's current. Do enjoy the month of celebration, and get ready for some stories and art of the dolls.


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