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So this is my story, and I kinda want that badge.

This account was once a joint account, some of my older and first watchers remember Kagome. It was originally penned as KagomeandMonie. Kagome made the account while we were freshman in high school back on January 9th 2009. We were in fourth block art class and while she was making this on the old desktops we had in the class, I was drawing some of my favorite characters: Monie and Toren.

Kagome asked me what I'd like to title it. I told her I didn't mind what she called it since we'd hardly ever use it since we didn't have high speed internet at our houses. So she settled on this name and put her birthday in instead of mine which I'm a year older than her.

As time went on, she put a few pictures of ours on the site. Since then, I've removed all of her pieces but one. This is her last piece on her and this was my first.

  The Ripper by MissMonie  Random Girl by MissMonie

I won't bore you all with the details on why we're no longer friends, but when I began to take over this account was the summer of 2010. I was visiting my mother and since she had high speed, I figured I would log onto deviantART and see what all my friends thought of it.

RaiseTheSail was my first constant dA friend, and she's my IRL bestest friend~ Her account at the time was a different one, and all of the awesome pictures on it are gone since she deactivated it a few years ago.

Left 4 Grundy page one- HSPN by MissMonie

As I looked deeper into dA, I began to join groups. Some of my first ones involved Left 4 Dead fan groups and the original Self Taught artist group. Today I'm in over 300 groups. I've seen many I had joined disband and deactivate and I have seen many grow into pillars of the dA group community.

Because of those groups, I was able to meet some of the most amazing people. One group that's brought me the most friends is :iconkinky-demons: .

Around Christmas of the same year I took over our page, I met the deviant hubrisbenjamin who wrote some of the greatest stories I had ever read. He is a very clsoe friend I wish would come on dA or facebook more. I also met his then boyfriend, and a friend I wouldn't trade for anything, DapperRat . These two wonderful guys helped me make my writing improve. They took requests and told me all about their cast of characters I don't believe they have anymore.

  Honeydew KissesThe lights shone like noon sunlight on the polished mirror of a stage as the sound of footsteps struck each board like a harpsichordist at their instrument gone mad with the power of the strings. The room was quiet, no one daring even to breath, and smelled like ancient literature reborn from a time people had forgotten. From stage left, he entered a vision of confidence and beauty.
"Seems, madam! Nay, it is: I know not 'seems'," the boy on the stage mused in quotation.
Taren watched in utter enthrallment from the safety of the auditorium's door as Aiden rehearsed his lines. He watched with eyes of soft citron as the pale, seductively thin, blonde male moved about the stage in fluidic motions. A soft pink began to creep to his tanned cheeks as he envisioned himself moving with his secret infatuation beneath those halogen lights.
"Just a silly dream," he whispered to himself as he continued to watch.
A well placed directory movement positioned Aiden to where he could clearly see the six
  Voler des Baisers a la PlageVoler des Baisers a la Plage
The moon sat high in the dark sapphire sky, millions of its tiny celestial children wrapped protectively around it. Warm and weak, the wind drifted lazily across the sandy seashore to meet the only human occupants who sat pressed together. They let the warm wash of the surf cascade at their toes, fragments of broken shells from beneath the onyx froth snatching at their feet. The one to the left kept his hand wrapped protectively around the other as they watched the waves break and crash on the rocks miles away from their position.
"It's beautiful," the protectorate said, "Don't you think so?"
Bran looked up to meet Kyle's dark, rich, auburn eyes, his own sky blue twinkling in the moonlight. He smiled.
"Ya, ya it is, Kyle," Bran replied reclining his head on the taller man's shoulder and netting his fingers with his.
Kyle grinned and squeezed his waist rather roughly. Bran grumbled at him before looking away to the glowing lights of the tourist traps.

After Ben and Abel, I met one of the bravest, greatest little deviant ever: Bootsii Bootsi is by far one of the best people I know on dA. Their heart warming humor always brings a smile to my face and I love their Aaron and Andy comics/stories thought there's not been much on them lately. Kazu is a dear, too~

Bleus D'amourIt was a warm night after a violent thunderstorm. Everything in the city seemed to have a different smell, a fresher smell. The scent of rain carried heavily through the streets as Andrew Jack, better known as Andy, walked the damp pavement. Puddles glistened in the amber streetlights only to ripple like tiny tsunamis when he stepped in them. Andy adjusted his glasses as he looked down the alley he'd chosen to skulk through. A pillar of steam rose from a grate to his left while cars blared somewhere in the distance to his right. He removed his cell from his denim jean's pocket to check the time. It was half past midnight.
"Where am I," he muttered, his voice lifting softly up toward the roofs of the buildings.
The thick smell of fresh thyme drifted lazily to the cement, blanketing Andy in its musky clutches. He sneezed, the thickness invading his nose and delving deep into his lungs to wreak internal havoc.
Mercury smiled naughtily as he peered over the granite edge of the business off

Another good friend of mine ehre was Ms. shadows, but she has since deactivated her dA. I should get her tumblr and follow her there. But she and I would talk every day and rp all of the cutest or scariest things.

Free-bie 2 by MissMonie

Now for a really cool deviant I can't recall exactly how I met. But she's the awesome FloppyBunny or Pumpkin-Queen-Ildi Ah ha ha! Now this deviant is fun. Lots and lots of fun. She makes the cutest animals and people. And her incubus Ignatius is just the freaking cutest slice of blue skinned demon cake you can ever see.

A heavy heat had seemed to envelop the world. Humidity pressed down on everything, dampening it in a sticky dew that reminded one of a melted lollipop or a fresh note pad's backing. There was no moon on this hot summer night basking the realm in its icy glow, nor was there any wind that could chill the bones. Even the air was thick, breathing close to impossible.
Joseph lay in a puddle of his own sweat, the white coverlet kicked to the floor as he tossed and turned in a fruitless effort to sleep. It was just impossible, the heat was too intense. He sat up, swinging his feet to the floor as he stood. Wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts, he marched to the window to the left of his bed and with a quick push, forced it squeaking-ly open. It didn't change the feel to the small room any bit though. In fact, it became worse.
He crossed back to the bed, swiping his arm across his forehead, shoving his wet, blonde bangs from his eyes. Sit

The last of these old friends from my first year on dA is Zenoxen I ran into Zen through our work. He stopped to comment on something I had done and we spoke often ever since. I don't seem to have anything I ever did for Zen. I should rectify that.

Some deviants I've not mentioned who have been there since the beginning are also aulauly7 AztecTemplar Bas-Serabas FO-FB Free-Beloved-Army

For a long time, I was able to grow here on dA. I still am, even now with my new friends. One of those was brought to me by Kinky Demons.

Kurotorasempai is a wonderful friend I got to meet recently. She, like Raise, is a very talented artist with characters you just have to learn everything about or you feel you've cheated yourself out of all their goodness.

Red Goblin ClawWarning: Contains Male on Male Relations
Romantic sentiment often left the one who wished it in trouble and was wasted on the lovingly inclined. Though some would see a lover making a surprise visit as a sweet gesture, others would perceive it as something clingier, stalking if one wanted to throw the word around and be colorful. Of course when meeting for the first time in shady places like tattooing parlors, one should never take it upon themselves to follow their infatuation to work the next morning and never pick the locks of their house. But, this was more a warning to human courtships rather than those of different species…
Talon gently adjusted his facial piercings, the labret in his lower lip trying to come loose for some reason. He looked up from the sidewalk at the small, white little house owned by his old flame and felt warmth in his ancient, Spanish heart. It was a one floor deal with two bedrooms and a bath. Both bedrooms were of the same measurements but he knew for a fa

There are a few other deviants I've met recently I'd like to list, as well.

PartyrockinMouse Best rp partner anyone can get. glompz-chan I haven't seen her in a while, but she was always great to talk to about OC's. Ill-Behaved go look at her art. It's so freaking amazing and cute. izzies-fo-shnizzies she's crazy. The good kind of crazy. With adorable comics. Stray-Pixels he's silly. And sockmonkey she told me how to help make art good.

Without these people, and many more I haven't named,  my stay at deviantART wouldn't be as fun as it was. I may have even left dA by now.

This is my deviantART story. Thank you everyone who helped me to make it.

With all my love


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I am an amateur author and an even more mediocre artist.

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