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October 24, 2012
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(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Warning: Contains Sexual Situations

Katrina crossed her elegant legs, lightly rocking the dominating one. She cocked her head to the side, her short tawny hair barely shifting as she eyed her "guest". Sunlight filtered lazily through the wide bay windows past the white lace curtains to spill on the polished wood flooring of the parlor sending annoying streaks of light bouncing into both the female and the male's eyes. Though it was aggravating to constantly look away from the glare, though it did cast a magnificent chiaroscuro effect on the furniture, guest, and hostess.
"So," Katrina began as she took in a deep unnecessary breath and leaned farther back in the wide expanse of the raspberry colored loveseat, "what's it like being a demon?"
Calypse grinned sardonically, canting his head to the side, his alabaster bangs drifting into his eyes. His brows lifted as he considered her question, his clawed hands resting on his knees in a most gentlemanly fashion.
"Well, mon cher ange mort, you can make a contract with a demon. Liez votre vie avec votre sang et donner a votre ame. Link your life with your blood and give your soul."
Katrina snorted indignantly and uncrossed her legs, her bare feet lightly pushing her heels aside so if she decided to stand she wouldn't trip and make quick acquaintances with the coffee table. Again. She grinned fervidly, passing a smoothing hand down her clothing, content as she watched his eye follow her hand. For the time being, clothing often sent across the room or torn into irreversible shreds, she wore a short skirt that she used to continually entice the male across from her into trying her wiles again by slightly parting her legs as she attempted to "find a comfortable position" and a tightly buttoned top that held her breasts snug together without the amusing concept of a brazier. It seemed to the unaccustomed eye it had no effect, when in reality, his chivalrous nature was the only thing keeping her from being penetrated.  
"Make a contract with a demon? Cally-boy, why don't I just ask you? After all, we do fuck like rabbits only without the procreation because honestly, I think you'd eat the baby and then how would your genes, specifically, be passed on? I know you have brothers but from what I understand, Tristan is a few apples short of a whole stack cake and Yuvien is cute and all, but he and Adrian are weird as hell and-"
"Ma Cherie, etre de tranquile," he muttered in annoyance, "less I decapitate you again."
Katrina blinked, examining his violet eyes with curiosity. Her lush and pinkened lips twitched into a smile at the deadly prospect.
"Will you fuck the hole like last time," she practically begged, her emerald eyes sparkling at the memory.
"Maybe," he replied before standing.
The doll watched her demon, amused as he came closer. Calypse was a marvelous specimen of inhuman genetics that only a well bred demon species that her flighty little brain couldn't recollect the name of at the given moment could create. All she could recall of it seemed to be that their released and true demon forms were quite terrifying to be on the receiving end of and that they tended to be creatures one with semi functioning cognitive faculties would not have the desire to make an enemy given how ferocious and tenacious they could become. Those that she had met had snow white hair bond in some way with magic clasps to lock away their forms. She had met a released one, Calypse's oldest brother, and found him charmingly insane and toyed with the idea of breaking Cally's charm but the repercussions of his rage didn't seem to be worth the entertainment. Not that she didn't try anyways for the hell of it and found the materials they had been constructed from were incredibly solid and mused that only a being of the same breed or of higher strength could shatter them.

No, she was incapable of lying when it came to Calypse, or to him for that matter. She adored the slender elegance of the male, his urbane charm and damning suavity and dastardly decorum mixed with his sadistically prurient strength, and especially his delicious enticements to mayhem, misery, and above all else complete disregard for any living soul he came across. He was truly vile and wicked, a monster in man's guise. Oh how she loved him so and dreamed of one day being his and only his.
Katrina sighed in pure ebullience and lightly fanned herself when she allowed her naughty gaze to drift from his slightly opened vestment, the cravat at his neck teasing her as it covered the creamy pale skin around his clavicles, down his waist to glean a passing glance at his hidden and flaccid sex. He was stopped in front of her while she continued to recollect memories of their carnal activities, his brows pinched in utter amusement as he knew her daydreams solely by her campy expressions.

The silly little creature was stricken with lust and love rolled together in a small, less than compliant, and more often seemingly volatile package that demanded to be open with much the same results as Pandora's Box. Left unchecked it tended to explode in a mushroom cloud of senseless murder and hilariously sad posed corpses.
"Calypse," Katrina mused as he softly took her chin in his hand, his talons threatening to pierce her soft and delicately pale cheeks, "will I be graced with your refined form sleeping beside me tonight?"
The demon gave a grin that would leave an alligator jealous if it hadn't had more teeth than him. He petted the macabre toy, stroking her much like a housecat before kneeling before her.
"Of course, my sweet, I'll ravage and murder you as much as you'd like but doesn't this," he snorted in sordid disgust at his own amusement, "monogamy bother you? Every man does enjoy a good ménage a trios. You'd look beautiful covered in another maiden's blood, letting its warm fluid soak your luminescent moonstone skin as I take you."
She shivered at the thought and reached to wrap her arms around his neck, leaning close, inhaling his dark, decadent, and truly maniacal scent, needing him more than anything in the world.
"Oui," she muttered in attempts to be coy and earn the small reward of his amused smile, something rarely seen when blood wasn't shed or tears coating a face, "Anything to see you nude."
All she could seem to think about was how to wake the sleeping appendage hidden by manmade cloth and materials. Clothing always managed to irk her and if she had her way and didn't have to take into consideration the mental states of the other members of her household, she would parade about in undergarments or nothing at all. After all, dolls were already dead so what was to fear from a chill?
"I would adore that idea if it came to fruition," he muttered as he gripped her short hair and held tightly and firmly as he began to plant rough, bruising kisses that were more bite than tender lip brushing along her svelte throat, "but we seem to be at a loss for another beautiful fille."
A soft squeak came from the door, forcing both the demon and doll to look up in curiosity. Chrysanthemum stood in the archway carting a box that had come in the mail, humming softly as she obliviously trekked towards her certain virginal doom.
"Katrina," she muttered softly as she sat the box down, "Mono had ordered this, but he says it was for you and that I should bring it to you," at last the sweet doll looked up, her chocolate eyes filling with confusion as she took stock of Calypse, "Did I interrupt," she carefully began to back away when the demon stood.
"I do believe we've found our victim," he mused in his own form of pleasantness as he disappeared in a puff of smoke before grabbing hold of her around the slightly round middle, "A flower and a future demoness, my, in my extensive life I don't believe I've ever been so lucky. Shall we retire, mon ange mort so I may watch the two of you play?"
"Of course," Katrina grinned as she stood.
Chrys whimpered softly before being tossed over his shoulder and carted off towards the large oaken staircase that would lead to Katrina's room.
*coughs* I was caught up in my descriptive language again. Been a while since I had to use the dictionary and thesaurus to ensure my proper word usage.

For once in my tri year stay here on DA, Ive done something amusing: I've censored myself.

...I don't like it. It feels so...depressing. Anyways, unless somehow the rules change on pornographic and erotic art, the full version will not be shown here.

Moving on. It's been a while since I did anything with females. I mainly, as most of you know, do male on male works. Lately I've branched back into male and female but, have never posted anything hinting at solely lady love. of course this won't be a complete lesbian themed event, Calypse is there for the sheer enjoyment of Chrysanthemum's torment and the fact he enjoys Katrina's tight self and evil tendencies. *coughs* Won't be ending well for the flower I'm afraid. But, does it ever with my sweet girls in situations like this?

I chose the title for shits and giggles since both Katty and Cally-boy have cream complexions and Chrys' hair can be deemed peach sometimes. Plus, nipples, come on! Classic peaches n' creme remark there.

That seems to be it aside from giving credit.
Calypse Lafayette belongs to *RaiseTheSail I wish she had an image of him on that account, but alas, it is bereft of that handsome monstrosity.
Katrina and Chrysanthemum belong to me

Enjoy, comment, cry, or just shrug.
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Okaysional Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lovely, though if you want this posted to WordsLovers then you need to put some warnings before the writing starts, saying that it includes 'situations' ;D
MissMonie Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh, true, people don't tend to see the warning before clicking to display it anyways. Sure, dear, i forgot to do it at the beginning. Thank you
Kyaris Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
this is getting good
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Really now?
Kyaris Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
yes :)
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Kyaris Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012
where Katrina was threatened with decapitation
MissMonie Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
heh, why is that?
Kyaris Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012
her response was the best
MissMonie Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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